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Subcold Ltd manufacture the Subcold brand of Ice makers, Minibars and wine coolers to the UK and EU market. We offer a dropshipping service where you can get an account and sell our products on your website and we will deliver any sales you get free.

As suppliers of a specialist range of mini fridges, beer fridges, wine coolers, mini bars and more, we are only happy when you are enjoying your favourite beverage at optimum coolness. Nothing grinds our gears like the thought of a room-temperature beverage on a hot day! When you are able to keep the heat at bay by indulging in a refreshingly cold beverage in the comfort of your own home, you know you are living the good life. Never settle for a bulky, inefficient fridge again when Subcold has a stylish and cleverly-designed alternative that will fit perfectly into your home and lifestyle.

We are on a mission to manufacture best-in-class refrigerators using only the highest quality materials and the latest innovations in cooling technology. Quality and efficiency are of the utmost importance to us, which is why we incorporate thorough research into each of our designs in order to bring you industry-leading cooling results at an accessible price. We envision a world where everyone can keep their favourite beverage chilled at a temperature that maximizes their enjoyment. Our drive to keep pushing the boundaries of refrigerator design is inspired by a desire to be recognised as the first choice in reliable and efficient refrigeration and is backed by years of research into how consumers store their cold products. We work with some of the world’s most reputable brands to bring the global standard of cooling into your home. When you choose a Subcold fridge, we want you to feel confident that your brand new investment will not only look good for years to come but perform at an optimal level for as long as you love it.

Subcold originated in Scotland in 2014 and has been providing chilling experiences across the UK ever since. We noticed a need for technologically advanced refrigeration solutions that could be relied on by businesses as well as by individuals in their own homes. To address this need, we designed a range of high-quality, energy efficient and durable domestic cooling products with a distinctly modern aesthetic that would complement any space in which they are utilized. Today, the Subcold brand has amassed a crowd of devoted fans who all have rave reviews about the quality, efficiency, and convenience that they experience from their Subcold appliances daily.

Our small team of expertly trained staff members are customer-focussed and dedicated to providing the refrigeration solutions you need, whether you are an individual, small business, or multi-level corporation. We treat our customers like royalty by providing an unmatched level of exceptional service at all times, ensuring that our customers feel heard and appreciated from their first enquiry. Whether you have questions about a specific product or want to follow up on your order, you can rest assured that there will always be a friendly and informative Subcold team member there to assist.

Are you ready to say goodbye to room-temperature drinks forever? Invest in a Subcold beverage cooler today and experience chilled refreshment like never before.

Your future is looking cool!

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