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Welcome to Dropshipsuppliers.co.uk, the UK’s up-and-coming FREE directory of UK dropship suppliers.

I decided to create this site in early 2017 for other UK online merchants just like me, when I first began looking for a reliable source of information on legitimate UK dropship suppliers as well as their products and latest offers.

Like most people would do I initially tried Googling in search of a list of UK companies offering drop shipping services, with UK based stock and warehousing and rapid delivery to the United Kingdom.

I soon realised that such information was abundant for USA based dropshippers, but when it came to UK suppliers, information was scarce and difficult to come across. Most of the sites I found were inaccurate and outdated. Quite often a paid subscription was needed to access the most useful information.

As an online retail store owner (i.e somebody selling goods to individuals online via an Amazon, Ebay or Shopify store for example), this site will help you rapidly find and contact dropship suppliers free of charge.

The icing on the cake?

No need to upgrade your account or buy a premium membership to access the entirety of my listings and helpful articles. As soon as you land on this website you will have full and unrestricted access to my entire database of UK dropship suppliers and to my blog which includes posts about dropshipping, e-commerce and online marketing.

Countless hours of research and and a lot of energy and money have gone into putting this site together and compiling a very comprehensive directory of dropship suppliers offering delivery of their goods to the UK. So why not take advantage of the work I have done so you don’t have to? I hope this site will be useful to you in your quest, whether it’s to make a simple living on the web or to build an online empire.

As a supplier, please feel free to submit a listing for inclusion in the directory, 100% free of charge. A few short checks later your listing will be ready to go online.

Listing your business in the directory should help increase your exposure to potential new clients and hopefully drive traffic to your site, which in turn may result in additional sales.

What’s more?

Your visibility to search engines should also improve, which in turn could help with SEO and Google rankings, helping you rise above your competition in search results and drive organic traffic, for free!

If you wish to advertise on my site or via our newsletter, please feel free to get in touch so we can discuss your specific needs.

Many thanks for visiting and should you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to let me know.


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