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Puckator's Dropship Gifts website. Offering dropshippers the chance to order Gifts and Giftware from our Wholesale range for direct delivery to the end customer.

Who are Puckator Dropshipping?
We're a Giftware company who launched one of the first UK Gift Dropship services primarily for our large range of Giftware. We've been dropshipping gifts for a few years now and have built up a great network of dropshippers, backed with excellent customer service. We work hard with our dropshippers to ensure that we meet all their needs, every time.
For anyone considering Dropshipping, selling giftware isn't the first choice to come to mind, but the gift industry is worth millions in sales every year! We work with partners around the world, bringing you the latest and greatest giftware products to sell, including products designed by and produced exclusively for us.
Let us open your world to giftware dropship with products you'll love to sell!!  There is no subscription, its absolutely free and you will have access to a world of great items in seconds.

How does Puckator Dropshipping Work?
You can add our products to your selling channels manually, or via one of our feeds (if you or your website developers have the technical knowledge required to set them up.)   No matter how you sell your products - whether it's on E-Bay, Amazon or through your own website - our simple pricing structure and product detail feeds work together to ensure you can get up and started quickly.
We suggest a recommended price for each product, although you can of course choose to sell for more or less. When you sell a product, all you need to do is take the money from your customer, place your order for the product with us, and let us take care of everything else!
Our warehouse team will ensure your order is picked, packed and dispatched directly to your customer as quickly as possible. This means all you have to do is sit back and let someone else do all the work, with no stock overhead, minimal admin work...perfect!
If we've convinced you, go to our sign up page, where you'll find details on what to do next. If you have any questions, you can contact us Monday to Friday by emailing Customer Services.

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