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ek wholesale was established 1990 and began supplying traders and small independent stores with ladies and gents clothing. The business model proved to be successful and we soon built a reputation for quality products at competitive prices.

We now operate from a large warehouse based in Glasgow and by staying true to our principle of quality and competitive pricing our customer base has grown to include chain stores and retailers across Europe.

We aim to introduce new and innovative products to our range as frequently as possible so that our customers are always one step ahead of the competition.

f you’re looking for an easy way to list hundreds of fast selling products with minimal costs then dropshipping is the answer for you. It’s a way to have the best selling stock on your store without the need to actually invest any money at all into stock.

You simply list our products on your sales channels and allow us to ship your orders direct to your customer. The fast and efficient process means your customers get their orders quicker and can be the difference between a good and a GREAT rating.

589 Lawmoor Street,
Dixon Blazes Industrial Estate,
Glasgow, G5 0TT

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