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Duplay is the largest supplier of Kids Bouncy Castles, Electric Ride On Cars, Electric Scooter, Trampolines, Swimming Pools, Swing Sets, Playhouses and ...

About Us

Duplay are the UK’s largest importers of bouncy castles, electric ride on cars and other outdoor play equipment for home use. Teak products and a wide variety of home and garden sets, furnishings and products.

Duplay is a wholly owned subsidiary of Plastoy Limited Duplay was formed in 2003 and specialises in outdoor toys for home use and is now considered to be one of the leading suppliers of high quality products for most high street stores, such as Makro, TJ Hughes, Maplin, Smyth's Toys, Asda plus many other retailers. All our products conform to RoHS and WEEE standards were applicable. Our manufacturers are Smeta approved by SGS or Intertek.

Happy Hop (Swiftech Ltd China) appointed Duplay Ltd as the sole distributor for the Happy Hop range of products for the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Happy Hop's unique manufacturing technology produces high-quality home use non commercial bouncy castles and waterslide made of laminated polyester and sandwich PVC material in conformance with strict international standards. Duplay bouncy castles allow children's ultimate jumping dreams to come true. See why kids and their parents love Happy Hop bouncers:

- Sets up in minutes for hours of fun outdoors, Inflated continuously by an electric air blower
- Stays inflated even if small pinholes occur Compact design allows for convenient storage
- Brings plenty of joy to childrens birthday parties, friend play-days, sleep-overs for private none commercial use.
- Why rent when you can have your own home use bouncy castle at an economical price?

Of course, if you have any further questions about Duplay or our products, you are welcome to contact us for further information, by clicking the Contact Us link at the foot of the page.
About Java Teak
After exhaustive visits to Java, our mission was to find the best suppliers, with the best quality, at the best price. Here at Duplay we are proud to introduce the Java Teak range of premier quality outdoor furniture you’ll find on the market today. We stock a stylish mix of modern and traditional designs all solidly built and made of the finest Indonesian plantation teak. All our solid teak wood furniture is of ‘A’ grade quality kiln dried, finely sanded and produced from sustainable resources (Perhum Perhuntani) the principle forestry operation on the island of Java and carries the Indonesian Government BRIC certificate.

Teak is a tall sturdy, evergreen tree indigenous to the tropical climate of south eastern Asia. Indonesian teak wood is a dense, coarse, close-grained hardwood. It naturally contains high levels of resinous oil that acts as an insect repellent and allows it to be resistant to moisture and the drying affects of weather. No other wood compares to teak regarding its durability, elegance, stability and low maintenance; thus making it the ultimate material choice for furniture construction. Teak wood is used primarily in the construction of outdoor furniture and in various aspects of shipbuilding because of its virtually indestructible composition. The furniture weathers beautifully and can be left untreated outdoors without the risk of rotting, it requires minimal maintenance and does not need to be sealed or treated on a regular basis. When first purchased, the furniture is a bright golden colour and its natural oils make it appear polished. The surface oil evaporates within the first week, but the oil below the surface will last the lifetime of the furniture and enables the unmatched durability of the wood. After one or two seasons outdoors the wood will turn to a silver-grey colour, however, if this finish is too rustic for particular tastes teak oil can be applied to create a full rich surface sheen.

Teak is an appealing wood, cultivated in immense plantations and is only cut down after decades of growth. It takes at least 40 years before a teak tree can be felled - and only then does the wood possess the quality that makes it so unique. The authorities ensure that as many trees are replanted as are felled, so that a natural balance can be maintained. Teak furniture is perfect for relaxing and style. Pure but sober luxury creates a state of contentedness. Anyone who opts for teak opts for a lifetime of beauty and quality.

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