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Autobulbs Direct started life back in 2003 as a car lighting specialist with the widest range of halogen bulbs, LED bulbs, Xenon HID and standard replacement bulbs for cars, motorbikes and trucks. was established in 2003 as AutoBulbs Direct, aiming to be the UK's No.1 specialist in car bulbs and wiper blades. Since our first sale in 2003, we grew rapidly with tens of thousands of happy customers. With many years of experience and a comprehensive range of bulbs and wipers, AutoBulbs Direct became the biggest online specialist of the sector in the UK. In late 2014, we started the process of changing our name from AutoBulbs Direct to, showcasing to our customers that we do far more than just bulbs! Dedicated to continuous improvement & growth, we expanded our product line to what can be seen on our site today, with plenty more on its way!

Autobulbs Direct is wholly customer service focussed. Every decision we make is made based on the answer to one simple question: "What is best for the customer?" This dictates everything we do from product selection, site design, site functionality, special offers...well, you get the idea. We welcome feedback on all aspects of your experience with us and provide many methods to contact us. So don't be shy, if you spot something you like or dislike, please let us know.

What we sell

Car Bulbs
As our name suggests we specialise in car bulbs. We particularly focus on the benefits of upgrade bulbs to improve your vision and safety as a driver. We perform our own research and development to establish only the best options for you. We have a fantastic selection of bulbs from the leading brands such as Osram, Philips and Ring, as well as our own great value for money range. Use our car bulb finder on our home page to find out which products fit your car.

LED Bulbs
We have sourced the latest in LED car bulb technology and have a superb range of products available for most car lighting applications. LED bulbs by their nature have a much cleaner and crisper light, last a lot longer and use much less power than the standard filament bulb equivalent.

HID Xenon Conversion Kits
These systems are the brightest and most powerful lighting upgrades you can get. They are a plug and play system that converts your standard halogen bulbs to HID. We supply the conversion kits from our sister site HIDS4U. HIDS4U has been a specialist in HID kits since 2004 and have their own components manufactured to their extremely high standards. You will not find a better, more reliable HID kit than the HIDS4U kits.

Wiper Blades
Our selection of wiper blades is among the largest in the UK. We stock all the standard ranges to cover most modern vehicles, including standard replacement blades and upgrade flat beam (or Aero) wiper blades. As well as this, we stock a vast range of OEM car specific wiper blades that cannot use the universal style clips and normally require you to go back to the dealer to get a specialist wiper blade direct from them. But that's not all! we are dedicated to providing the greatest range of wiper blades in the UK so we also have available a selection of classic car wiper blades and headlight wiper blades. We continue to add new wiper blade products to our website to increase the range and increase coverage of vehicles we can supply to.

European Travel Items and other accessories
Driving in Europe can be a daunting prospect for a lot of people. Having to drive on the other side of the road and making sure you know all the regulations of the countries you are travelling through. Therefore we have put together a selection of the essential items you will need when travelling in Europe, as well as a guide to what is required and what is recommended. You can also look up the rules and regulations that you need to know in our European Driving Guide.,
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